Midjourney V6 AI: The Next Generation of AI Art

Midjourney V6 AI is a revolutionary app that lets you design stunning images with just a few command. Whether you are a designer, Or an artist, Midjourney can help you unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life. But Is Midjourney V6 is about to get even better? That’s right.

Midjourney 6 will launch soon, and it will amazed with its updated features and improvements. However, In this post, You will get to know about Midjourney v6 latest version. Read on to find out what’s new in Midjourney V6 and how to create stunning images with Midjourney AI.

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What is Midjourney V6 AI?

Midjourney 6 is the updated version of Midjourney that will be released in end of 2023. It will introduce many new features and enhancements that will make your art creation process easier, faster, and more efficient.

Features of Midjourney V6

  • Higher image resolution: Midjourney v6 has a Higher resolution of 2048×2048 pixels, which is almost twice as much as the last version.
  • Smarter natural language processing: Midjourney 6 has a more advance understanding of text prompts, allowing you to create more precise and realistic images from your descriptions.
  • More control over variations: It will allow for more customization of image variants, like changing the color, style, or angle of the generated images.
  • Improved hand generation: It has improved hand generation, which means that you can now make images with realistic hands more easily.
  • 3D models: Midjourney 6 can generate 3D models, which is new design creation process for creators.
  • Video generation: Midjourney V6 will generate videos from text inputs, which could be a game-changer for storytelling, filmmaking, and education.

How to Access Midjourney V6?

Midjourney V6 How to Use it

Check the steps below to access Midjourney 6:

  • To download the Desktop app for MacOS, first Go to the Download Page in your browser.
  • Press the + icon to Add a Server.
  • Add the server’s invitation link and click the Join a Server.
  • Subscribe to the plan by typing the /subscribe command.
  • Open the personal settings of the Midjourney by using the /settings mj command.
  • Choose the Midjourney Model V6 version.
  • Add any prompt and hit the Enter key to generate the image.

How to enable MJ V6?

The update won’t take effect for users by default — at least, it didn’t for me. You’ll need to type in the slash command “/settings” in the Midjourney Discord server or in a direct message (DM) to the Midjourney bot and then use the dropdown menu at the top to select V6. Or, you can do it the old school way and manually type “–v 6” after your prompts.

What’s new in MJ V6?

Specifically, Holz called out several new features, including:

  • “Much more accurate prompt following as well as longer prompts
  • Improved coherence, and model knowledge
  • Improved image prompting and remix
  • Minor text drawing ability (you must write your text in “quotations” and --style raw or lower --stylize values may help)

/imagine a photo of the text "Hello World!" written with a marker on a sticky note --ar 16:9 --v 6

  • Improved upscalers, with both 'subtle‘ and 'creative‘ modes (increases resolution by 2x)”

Yet Holz was clear in his Discord post express that these types of prompting tricks would no longer result in the type of results users desired. “You will need to learn again how to prompt,” he wrote.

  • “Prompting with V6 is significantly different than V5. You will need to ‘relearn’ how to prompt.
  • V6 is MUCH more sensitive to your prompt. Avoid ‘junk’ like “award winning, photorealistic, 4k, 8k”
  • Be explicit about what you want. It may be less vibey but if you are explicit it’s now MUCH better at understanding you.
  • If you want something more photographic / less opinionated / more literal you should probably default to using --style raw
  • Lower values of --stylize (default 100) may have better prompt understanding while higher values (up to 1000) may have better aesthetics
  • Please chat with each other in ⁠prompt-chat to figure out how to use v6.

Midjourney V6 Results

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Midjourney 6 Free to use?

No, Midjourney V6 is not free to use. You will have to subscribe to a monthly plan to use the service.