Midjourney V6 Prompts

The updated version of Midjourney V6 is here after the launch of its predecessor, and the results are mind-blowing.

The V6 version have feature that allow users to fine tune images. According to reddit community that tested the v6 version, the prompt length has been increased to 350+ words, enabling users to interact in the ChatGPT structure.

Moreover, the new version is able to understand the nuances of punctuation, and grammar, and even allow the addition of text to the images. Color’s, borders and more details can also be added to the image.

Check the Midjourney V6 Prompts to create realistic high quality images using midjourney.

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Hyperrealistic Midjourney V6 Prompts

Check Midjourney v6 Prompts, some awe-inspiring output from our exceptionally skilled photographer who goes above and beyond in their craft.

Facial Images

Midjourney V6 is really good at understanding small details and following lots of instructions, especially when it comes to things like facial features. The image below was created with specific directions about the eyes and lighting.

Prompt: An extreme closeup shot of an old coal miner, with his eyes unfocused, and face illuminated in the golden hour.  Source: X

Adding Text to Image

The Midjourney v6 version allows users to put custom text in the generated images, empowering them to fine-tune the output according to need. 

Customised text added to the image. Source: X 

Culinary Accuracy

The detailing on prompts related to food and culinary is highly elevated in the latest version. It can even add text as per requirement. 

Prompt: A pot of stew with a wooden spoon, top-down perspective. 

Source: X

Colour Enhancement

No matter how many detailed instructions you provide to the AI tool, the results come very close to what you expect. In the example below, the instructions about different colors were accurately generated.

Cartoon and Design

When compared to the previous version, the image generated in V6 is closest to the context inputted. In the below example, the output highlights a more detailed logo. 

Prompt: A square modern iOS app logo design of a real time strategy game, young boy, iOS app icon, simple UI, flat design, white background.

Source: X 

Cinematic Advancement

When you request V5.2 to create pictures with a cinematic backdrop, it does a good job. But when you use V6, the quality gets even better, giving the images a more theatrical and impressive look.

Architectural Feel

Prompts related to interiors and architectural designs are perfect and accurate, make sure the color and theme of the prompts stay the same. Keep the prompts looking the way they should, with the right colors and theme..

Prompt: A dining room with large French doors and elegant, dark wood furniture, decorated in a sophisticated black and white colour scheme, evoking a classic Art Deco style.

Source: X

Celebrity and Public Figures

While Midjourney V6 generates real and nearly flawless images, However, It’s got a downside.. It generates pictures of public figures and celebrities, which can result in copyright problems.

Images of Leonardo Dicaprio and Elon Musk created using Midjourney V6

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