Midjourney V6 Prompt Structure

Midjourney v6 is here with a better understanding of prompts. It means no more random phrases and words. We’ll required a new way of creating prompts.

Test this easy structure that reflects a typical linguistic framework.

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Midjourney V6 Prompts

Midjourney 6 Prompt Structure


  • Purpose: Provides a specific aesthetic or artistic direction.
  • Details to Include: Preferred a style or era.


  • Purpose: Defines the main focus of the image.
  • Details to Include: Characteristics of the central subject (e.g., person, object, animal), including appearance, colors, and unique features.


  • Purpose: Establishes the environment or context for the subject.
  • Details to Include: Location (indoor, outdoor, imaginary), environmental elements (nature, urban), time of day, and weather conditions.


  • Purpose: Determines how the subject and elements are framed and viewed.
  • Details to Include: Viewpoint (close-up, wide, aerial), angle, and specific framing preferences.


  • Purpose: Sets the mood and visual tone of the image.
  • Details to Include: Type of lighting (bright, dim, natural), mood (cheerful, mysterious), and atmospheric effects.

Additional Info:

  • Purpose: Adds complexity and depth to the image.
  • Details to Include: Secondary objects, characters, animals, and their interactions or placement relative to the main subject.

Credits: Tatiana Tsiguleva