Midjourney New “Style Tuner” is Here: How to use it

Midjourney is a highly popular tool for creating AI-generated art and turning text into realistic images. It takes simple English instructions from users and produces stunning and cinematic visuals. These creations have even been featured on TV and in movies.

Midjourney is an ai art application, released a significant update on November 1, 2023, known as the “style tuner.” This update is particularly valuable for businesses, brands, and content creators who want to maintain a consistent visual style in their work. The new style tuner feature enables users to create their own unique visual style and apply it to all the images they generate using the application from now on. In simpler terms, it helps users make their pictures look the same way, which is a big deal for professionals.

Before style tuning, users had to keep describing their text descriptions over and over again in order to make sure that the AI generated consistent styles for multiple images. However, even doing this didn’t always guarantee consistent results because Midjourney AI, like many other AI art generators, is designed to provide a wide range of different image styles and types.

Midjourney Style Tuner, How to Use it

In the video by Future Tech Pilot. Learn how to Use Midjourney Style tuner.

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