Midjourney could be in Grok soon – Musk has been slowly teasing a collaboration

Since February, Elon Musk has been hinting at a partnership between Grok, the chatbot made by his company xAI and available on the social platform X, and Midjourney.

If it works out, Midjourney’s strong image generation might be added to Grok. Now, X users have found more proof in Grok’s source code that supports this partnership.

However, no authentic news has been posted by either Midjourney AI or X but developer news service TestingCatalog News found a reference to ‘Midjourney’ in the source code for Grok posted to Github.

Midjourney + Grok — what’s this about?

xAI is launching AI model Grok
(Image credit: xAI)

While the critics of AI-powered social content are many, the fact remains that having a chatbot capable of generating multiple social media posts on any topic using a simple prompt is a lucrative concept for influencers and businesses alike. 

Grok already does that, but with the addition of Midjourney, it could also produce high-quality visuals to support those social media posts.

Using a different AI model to create visuals isn’t that different to what OpenAI, Google and Meta do, each using a specific AI image generation model but prompted by their respective chatbots.

In February 2024, Musk was participating in an X Spaces conversation when a user called MishaFitton asked him if Midjourney was going to make an appearance in X anytime soon. “We are in some interesting discussions with Midjourney,” replied Musk. “One way or another, we will enable AI generation on this platform [X].”

Source: Tomsguide.com