Midjourney Algorithm update: Bring “Consistent Characters” Across Different AI-Generated Images

Midjourney Algorithm update: Midjourney testing new algorithm and currently in a testing phase. The New update Bring Consistent Character Across Different AI-Generated Images.

However, Taken to official account of Midjourney on X (formerly known as Twitter) where it updated.

Feature Using on Discord

By using the consistent character feature on Discord, the simple steps you need to follow are:

  • After creating your first character image, copy the URL of the image you would like to use as a reference.
  • In your next prompt, type –cref followed by the URL of your reference image. For example: “Character doing [action]. –cref [image URL]”
  • Further, You can adjust the strength of the reference using the –cw parameter. A strength of 100 (–cw 100) is default and takes into account the face, hair, and clothes of the reference image. Moreover, If you like to focus on face, which is good for changing outfits or hairstyles, you can change the strength to 0 (–cw 0).