How to use Midjourney without discord?

How to use Midjourney without discord – Midjourney is a platform that is built to integrate with Discord. It enhances the Discord experience by providing additional features for communities, conversations, and networking.

Can you use Midjourney without Discord?

How to use Midjourney without discord

No, Midjourney is different from other AI art generators because it works within the Discord app. To use Midjourney and create AI images, you have to create an account on Discord. Some people find this requirement discouraging and may hesitate to try it out.

Some people find Discord difficult to use because it has a confusing interface and it’s not easy to figure out how to navigate through its features. Even if you manage to use Discord, using Midjourney Ai within it can be challenging because you need to connect to Midjourney’s servers, learn how to use specific commands, and know where to add them to create your own AI art privately. All of this can be overwhelming, even for people who are good with technology.

Midjourney without Discord: Alternatives to use

If you don’t want to use Discord for creating art on Midjourney, you should set aside the idea for now. Currently, Midjourney cannot be accessed directly from their official website, although this may change in the future. Thankfully, there are some alternative options available for you to create art using text prompts.

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