How to Use Midjourney V6?

Similar to all previous version, V6 is access through Discord. Once you’ve paid the subscription you’ll get to the bot in messages where you can /imagine the creation of your choosing.

To get version six you’ll need to either select it as the default model in settings or append –v 6 to the end of any prompt. This ensures the utilization of the accurate model while maintaining the default use of version 5.2.

MidJourney has initiated the rollout of a web version, granting access to users who have produced over 10,000 images. This update allows users to modify settings using various inputs instead of depending on the AI model to comprehend a single text prompt.

Midjourney V5 vs V6 comparison:

On (left) side added MidJourney v5.2 and MidJourney v6 (right) each generate an image from the same prompt to compare. However, v6 was richer in detail, v5.2 had more character.

(Image: © AI generated with Midjourney)
(Image: © AI generated with Midjourney)

The prompt: “wine taster peering through a wine glass.”