How to Make a Logo for Your Business in Midjourney?

Make a logo in Midjourney AI- To get started, first, you’ll need to sign up for a free Discord account. Follow the below steps to make a business logo in Midjourney AI.

How to use Midjourney to make a logo 

Step 1: Login the Midjourney Server on Discord — locate the server list on the left-hand sidebar, press the + button and click Join a Server button. Then, add Midjourney’s Discord account and click Join.

Step 2: You can now use the Midjourney Bot with commands to create images, adjust settings, and perform other tasks. The most notable command is /imagine, which generates a unique image or logo based on a short text description you provide. The Midjourney Bot interprets your description to create the image. Keep in mind that you’ll need to accept Midjourney’s terms of service before you can start creating images — and be mindful to respect its community guidelines along the way.

Step 3: After you submit a text prompt for Midjourney’s image creation, it will create four unique image options in less than a minute. The image creation process utilizes GPUs (graphics processing units), which accumulate and are tracked with your Midjourney subscription. Each minute used to complete a job is considered a GPU Minute. If you run out, you can purchase more Fast Hours (which are used to generate images). To see your remaining time, type /info into Discord and look at Fast Time Remaining.

Step 4: You can now choose one of the four images that Midjourney has created, or you can generate more variations based on what it produces.. Images are immediately generated at 1,024×1,024 pixels size. You can Re-Run or Re-Roll the prompt and produce a new grid of images. 

Step 5: Once you’ve singled out an image from your set, various options become available, including creating a Strong or Subtle Variation of your selected image. ZoomPanFavorite or Web, which opens the image up in your gallery on Midjourney’s website. 

Step 6: Now that you’ve produced, refined and created your final image, you can save it by opening the image in full view, then right-click and choose Save Image. On Mobile, long-tap the image and then click the Download icon in the top right corner.

Other tools to find out within Midjourney are its one-on-one direct messaging feature, tips and tricks for writing prompts and how to use the /blend command when making images. 

Midjourney Imagine command
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Midjourney images
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