How To Create Barbie Dolls With Midjourney AI?

Welcome to the world of AI-driven doll-making, where you can bring your favorite people to life as Barbie and Ken dolls! The new Barbie film has just been released, and the fascination with Barbie dolls continues to captivate generations. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through five simple steps to create hyper-realistic Barbie dolls. Gone are the days of pink skies and hair color issues as we delve into the enchanting process of crafting personalized Barbie dolls using the magic of AI. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of doll-making with AI Midjourney!

Create Barbie Dolls of Your Yourself with Midjourney AI

To start with your Midjourney AI, you’ll need the following prompts for both Barbie and Ken:


{Subject} as Barbie in pink, blue sky background, hyper-realistic –ar 4:5 –s 250 –style rawKen:{Subject} as Ken in pink, blue sky background, hyper-realistic –ar 4:5 –s 250 –style raw

Step 2: Remove the –style raw Parameter

As we continue making the doll, we will remove the restriction that limits AI Midjourney’s creativity, allowing it to freely use its creative abilities.

Step 3: Make Your Creations More Consistent

During your journey, you may encounter outfit and sky color issues. Fear not! We have a solution. Simply add “outfit” to the end of pink in your prompt structure:

Updated Prompt Structure for Barbie:

{Subject} as Barbie in pink “outfit,” blue sky background, hyper-realistic –s 250 –style raw

Step 4: Adding “Outfit” to the Prompts

With the addition of “outfit,” say goodbye to the color issues that once plagued your creations. Embrace a more consistent and cohesive look for your Barbie and Ken dolls, ensuring that your skies stay blue and your hair stays its natural color.

Step 5: Adding Plastic Barbie/Ken Doll to the Prompt

For the final touch, simplify your prompt by incorporating plastic Barbie and Ken dolls. You might need to re-roll a few times to achieve perfection, but it’ll be worth it! Additionally, adding more relevant keywords will enhance the results of your AI Midjourney.

Updated Prompts for Barbie and Ken:Barbie: Plastic Barbie doll toy of {subject}, pink backgroundKen: Plastic Ken doll toy of {subject}, pink background

Crafting Hyper-Realistic Barbie Dolls:

By following five amazing steps, AI Midjourney creates hyper-realistic Barbie dolls that will delight you. You can bring your imagination to life, turning digital avatars into real toys. These dolls will hold a special place in your heart, representing cherished memories and experiences.

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