Elon Musk’s X hinted to Partnership with Midjourney

Elon Musk suggested that there might be a collaboration between X and the top AI image generator Midjourney. This partnership aims to improve how people use the social media platform.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, was involved a conversation on X Spaces, hosted by @mysteriouskat. During the conversation, he answered a question from another user, @MishaFitton.

“I’m wondering if you, and X overall, have thought about developing features within for generative AI, image and video creation, or possibly partnership with Midjourney to make it easier for artists and creators to leverage AI to enhance their content on X?”

Musk’s reply was short and said “yes.”

“We are in some interesting discussions with Midjourney and something may come of that. One way or another, we will enable AI generation on this platform (X).”

Well, AI-generated content can be found all over social media platforms.

It’s pretty normal to see pictures made with new tech in posts. But if Twitter, which we still call Twitter, and an AI developer team up, it would be a big change.

It would likely provide every user with the capability to produce something out of the ordinary and further blur the lines between human and machine creativity. Should the pictures go with the words, or should it be the other way around, on X?