Midjourney V7 Release Date?

Midjourney v7 Release Date

Midjourney v7 Release Date – Midjourney v7 the advanced version of Midjourney – User’s are talking about Midjourney v7, the next version of the software. They want to see what it will be like after the success of v6. Although the official information hasn’t been shared yet, discussions among users and trends in AI art … Read more

Midjourney Algorithm update: Bring “Consistent Characters” Across Different AI-Generated Images

Midjourney Algorithm update

Midjourney Algorithm update: Midjourney testing new algorithm and currently in a testing phase. The New update Bring Consistent Character Across Different AI-Generated Images. However, Taken to official account of Midjourney on X (formerly known as Twitter) where it updated. Feature Using on Discord By using the consistent character feature on Discord, the simple steps you … Read more

Elon Musk’s X hinted to Partnership with Midjourney

Elon Musk

Elon Musk suggested that there might be a collaboration between X and the top AI image generator Midjourney. This partnership aims to improve how people use the social media platform. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, was involved a conversation on X Spaces, hosted by @mysteriouskat. During the conversation, he answered a question from another … Read more

Midjourney Niji V6 Is Out Now — AI-Generated Anime Images

Midjourney Niji V6

Midjourney Niji V6 – Good news for otakus and AI lovers — Midjourney has launched the latest version of its anime fine-tuned image model called Niji V6. Niji is an anime-specific AI model with knowledge of anime, styles, and aesthetics, like how they look and what makes them cool. It’s really good at making exciting scenes with characters … Read more

Midjourney New “Style Tuner” is Here: How to use it

Midjourney Style Tuner

Midjourney is a highly popular tool for creating AI-generated art and turning text into realistic images. It takes simple English instructions from users and produces stunning and cinematic visuals. These creations have even been featured on TV and in movies. Midjourney is an ai art application, released a significant update on November 1, 2023, known … Read more

AI-generated art cannot be copyrights, US court says

AI-generated art cannot be copyrights

An American court in Washington, D.C., has decided that artworks made by artificial intelligence without any human involvement cannot be protected by copyright according to U.S. law. The judge, Beryl Howell, supported the Copyright Office’s refusal of a request made by computer scientist Stephen Thaler for his DABUS system. Thaler claimed that DABUS created inventions … Read more

MidJourney Introduces New Inpainting Feature

MidJourney Inpainting Feature

MidJourney Inpainting Feature – MidJourney, a popular tool for making pictures using AI, has added a cool new feature called “Vary (Region).” This feature lets you change parts of an image by selecting them and giving the AI a description of what you want. So, if you want to fix or change something in a … Read more

40+ Midjourney styles to expand your AI art creativity

40+ Midjourney styles

The YouTuber known as Thaeyne has been delving into the world of AI artistry in an incredibly captivating way. Using the advanced mid-journey version 5.2 tool, they have been boldly pushing the limits of creativity. This innovative artist has been taking on various artistic styles, carefully selecting each one for its distinctive beauty or its … Read more

Midjourney v6 Release date? V6 is coming soon

Midjourney V6 release date

According to reports, the launch of Midjourney v6 is approaching shortly, and it appears that the upcoming features have the potential to redefine our approach to image generation once more. Despite the relatively recent release of Midjourney v5, work is already underway for the development of Midjourney v6. If you’re eagerly looking forward to the … Read more

‘It gave us some way to fight back’: New tools aim to protect art and images from AI’s grasp

© A robot observing artwork at a gallery, made on Midjourney

For several months, Eveline Fröhlich, who is a visual artist located in Stuttgart, Germany, has been experiencing a sense of powerlessness. This feeling has been triggered by the emergence of new artificial intelligence tools that have the potential to replace human artists’ roles. To make matters worse, these AI systems have been developed using the … Read more